this is really just a bunch of stuff that i want here.
i've given up on making sense.
like it or not, i'm just tumbling because i want to.


Mom and Boy.

My nephew. I want to om nom nom on his cheeks.

And then you’re sitting on your couch thinking of all of the things you could break if you put your mind to it.
But you don’t because you’re the only one who doesn’t break.

I can’t read.
Because somewhere in my mind’s eye, you’re smiling at me.
Are you proud of yourself?
Are you proud of me?


Thiago Rocha Pitta

Esbo├žos para uma carta de amor

Watercolor on paper


My abandonment issues are not cool.
My abandonment issues do not own me.
I am not just my abandonment issues.
I am more than my abandonment issues.

So excited to spend the next two weeks waiting for a paycheck that will disappear just like this one just did. And I don’t even get paid til Friday.
Awesome possum.

Can my brain not eat itself alive?

About 45 seconds ago it occurred to me that I am going to the OSO’s birthday party. With my husband. To meet his wife.
Makes me shake my head, kinda fuzzy….

Have started to lose consciousness of my physical self. I am just me. In this form. It’s kinda crazy and cool.